Monday, 5 December 2011

Now it over!!!!!

It over now....SPM is over!!!
wah gi tu...syok gile SPM dh habis tapi....hurm result x tau la mcm ner...hope dpt yang terbaik la...AMIN!!!
YahOOO!!! after this say no more to homework,school ,studying and so on ..
Say yes to gossiping ,shopping ,look for a boyfriend ..oppsss... ahak!!
hohoho..lepas nie x payah nk tension2 fikir pasal Sejarah ,biologi ,kimia, fizik,
ADD MATH, lagi...haha..terasa bahagia gi 2...
on the same time, ase sedih gak nk tinggal kawan-kawan,,tpy nk wat cam ner life must go matter how ..T-T
the most important !!!


hanya tinggal kenangan yang tak berapa nk indah..^-^..

thanks for reading ^^

Saturday, 3 December 2011

my new world


hello!!!!~ i'm new here...finally dapat gak ade blog sendiri...hoho..hurm biase la agak ketinggalan dalam era kemajuan globalisasi kate kn..huhuh.... T-T
actually min wat blog nie pown min x tau sebab ape..maybe just for fun...kowt la...

im officially Nurul Hanisyasmin Binti Abdul Halim Tan but know as yasmin or min mon..
erkkk~ name min mon tu kawan-kawan min yang agak ting tong yang panggil ..mule2 agak annoying la gak....tpy dah lame2 tu ase suke pulak dh...wakakaka..^-^..

i born on 13th of January 1994 live for seven teen years old who always care about people that i love and hate to know something that is out of my business ..err..sometime i care...hee~

i realize i'm not a perfect person but i ever claim it to be..only god and my family know me definitely you have no right to judge for who i am and who should i be friend with..
Somehow i choose being in silent for my last solution in the way to avoid myself from those hypocrites ...oooyeah i mean it!!!

i hope that you might see my real character which can be your angle or evil,it is depend on how you perform on,, don't mess with my life baby!!!! love me ..i love you more.. you hate me i care..hell yeah it's not working at all...ahak!!~ (alamak t'gedik sudah)
hurm min budak Taiping,Perak....bandar warisan tau..wah gi 2..^-^..hee~
lastly, if you wanna be my friend ,it is my honor ..and you're the one who will defeated, if you wish to make me feel unhappy ,
l o o s e r!!!!

~peace no war~

thanks for reading ^^